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Clear skies, warm fire, and good friends.
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whatcha doin?
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Throughout our years we see countless quotes, hear endless idioms, assess the fables and apply them to our lives as we see fit; Often we pick the scenarios to apply that go on smoothest. There is something my father said to me years ago that didn’t circulate its way through my tumblr feed or couldn’t be found stapled up in the Guidance Counselors office. It was words of genuine care for my well being : "We Are Meant to Enjoy Life, Not Endure It."
How often do we feel depleted, down trodden, beaten? Life is really stinkin’ hard sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be if we choose joy. If we positively manipulate our consciousness for the better. We have the mental capacity to do just about anything in this world, including digging ourselves out of adversity. Give light-filled power to your brain, let the necessary tears fall. Those combined elements will allow the beauty in your soul to grow.
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